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«Endless enthusiasm and a driving desire to go above and beyond,
to constantly do better…»

Renato and Roberto Minotti

«B&B is a company that still relies on the vision of the founder. He was so forward looking, such a visionary, that 50 years ago he had the incredible intuition to set up a company supposed to be global in a time when nobody was thinking about globalization or a global world».

Fiorella Villa

«We wanted to give this collection a special meaning: cultural roots, traditional shapes and finishes are filtered here from a modern point of view. It is a project of the so-called “internal culture”, updated to adapt to changes in our way of life»…

Antonio Citterio

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«… We could say that consistency, the ability of one part of the range to enter into a dialogue with another, the presence of not one protagonist, but a common denominator, has become what distinguishes the Minotti company».

Rodolfo Dordoni